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Hand Crafted Products

Hand Crafted Products

Our products are created by a highly skilled work force.
Hand Crafted Products

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We can handle small or large production runs.
Hand Crafted Products

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We use extraordinary care in each product we create.

who we are

Wildwood Millwork is a manufacturer of fascia trim kits, cabinet doors, furniture, and passage doors  and trim for the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries as well as interior trim and door packages for the high end residential market. We also provide custom finishing for many other companies in the Goshen, Indiana community.

Established in 2003, our owners have more than 70 years’ experience in wood working.

Wildwood is known in the industry for its ability to turn around product orders in an unprecedented amount of time.

The growth strategy started in 2015 is still unfolding in 2016. Wildwood Millwork is actively searching for acquisition candidates and has started an international sourcing program to meet the pricing requirements of its customers.

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