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galen Helmuth

Galen Helmuth

Galen grew up with his parents and four siblings on a small Amish farm. He started working at the age of 14 and held numerous jobs early in his career. Galen started his wood working career at the lowest level possible. He was first employed as a Sweeper where his job consisted of sweeping floors and emptying trash bins.

Even though Galen started at the bottom of the company, he rapidly grew into supervisory and managerial positions. His next position was in the company’s shipping department, where he became the department manager in only three months. Five months later, he was promoted to the department dead for the milling department. Eventually he was placed in charge of all the production

Galen had an affinity for operational systems and efficiency, which combined with his knowledge of wood working made him a natural for managing and improving manufacturing processes. In this capacity, Galen implemented workflow, time study, and efficiency programs. He wrote computer programs and programmed manufacturing equipment. He also rearranged a manufacturing facility and oversaw the building of a new manufacturing facility.  Galen has also worked for various RV companies providing him with knowledge and experience in RV assembly, steel frame assembly and welding, aluminum sidewall fabrication and assembly, sewing and countertop/wood component
fabrication and assembly.

While Galen was working full-time for various companies, he also started a small part-time family business making wood components for other furniture manufacturers. This company, Linwood Enterprises, grew to the point where Galen had to quit his current full-time job to managed Linwood. In 2015, Galen merged his company with his brother’s company Wildwood Millwork. At Wildwood, Galen focuses his time on manufacturing operations and systems.

wayne chupp

Wayne Chupp

Wayne Chupp grew up with a family heritage of wood working. His grandfather was a cabinet maker with a solid reputation in the community. Wayne’s grandfather took time and mentored Wayne on small projects when he was only six years old. By the time he was twelve, Wayne started doing his own projects in his Father’s home workshop. Wayne completed his first whole house cabinetry job for free, simply as advertisement for his skills and capability. This proved to be a great success, since Wayne has been busy ever since.

In 1995, Wayne started Oak Expressions, focused on selling high quality interior and exterior passage doors.

In 2004, Wayne formed Lake Area Moldings Plus, which he sold in 2012.

In January of 2015 Wayne merged Oak Expressions with Lynnwood Enterprises and Wildwood Millwork. Wayne is the CEO of Wildwood Millwork.